How It Works

Virtually all WC urinals in the UK operate using an automatic syphonic cistern.

This means that they flush each time the cistern fills, often more than three times an hour, even when your building is unoccupied at night or closed for holidays.

Most of this expensive water goes to waste.

The Marnic Water Watch system detects when the facility has been used.

A PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor detects individuals using the urinals and triggers the filling of the cistern.

The urinal then flushes in the normal way.

The system comprises of a simple retrofit kit that can be installed to existing urinal toilets in 30-40 minutes or can be used in the construction of new urinal facilities conforming to the latest building regulations. It consists of a water-control valve fitted to the water inlet pipe prior to the petcock. This valve is electrically operated by the Water Watch PIR sensor.

The Water Watch can be programmed during installation to provide optimum flushing during periods of toilet use. The default setting is 20 minutes but other flush cycle lengths of 15, 30 or 60 minutes can be also selected.

In addition to the normal flush setting, a 12- or 24-hour delay between detection and flushing can be selected to ensure that the urinal is flushed at least once or twice a day. This way the hygiene flush keeps the urinals clean and fresh even when the toilet is unoccupied.