Marnic Water Watch - PIR Urinal Flush Controller 240V AC Power

A wide-angle PIR sensor manufactured by Marnic Technologies, in an enamel painted steel case. Very popular with schools and local authority sites as well as pubs, offices and factories.

Can be calibrated to flush up to 4 times per hour but we recommend it is set to flush 20 minutes after the sensor detects a user, therefore a maximum of 3 times per hour. If no user is detected (e.g. over weekends), there is a choice of flushing after 12 or 24 hours. 

The solenoid can be installed on either vertical or horizontal pipe. An arrow on the brass body indicates the direction of flow.

- Flush controller box with sensor eye for wall or ceiling mount above the urinals
- Marnic WMV1090P Solenoid valve for fitting to water supply (15mm compression fit)

DELIVERY : In Three Days